Different Ways to Rock Asap Rocky Braids – Strong Personality

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In the hip-hop world, appearance is just as important as the music. That is why many artists have an eccentric yet amazing sense of fashion; particularly when it comes to hairstyle. This article focuses on Asap Rocky braids and how you can enhance the style to look even better on you.

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1 Braids with Backside-front Cap

Braids with backside-front cap

This is one of the most popular Asap Rocky styles. It is easy to rock it if your braids run from the front of your head to the back so that the cap fits without looking awkward.

2 Braids with Accessories

Braids with accessories

Braids are great. However, they are even better when complemented with gilded threads of appealing color. The trick here is to choose a color that suits your skin tone or attire. As you can see, Asap Rocky likes them close to the end of the braids.

 3 Freely Hanging Braids

Freely hanging braids

Try this style if you want to keep your braids fresh and your head well ventilated. It is a pretty easy look to pull.

4 Two Hanging Braids

Two hanging braids

This is yet another Asap Rocky style that involves adding a cap as an accessory. Rather than hiding all your braids behind the cap, you can leave two of them to hang outside – one on either side of the head.

 5 Simple Full Head Braid

Simple full head braid

Your braids don’t have to be complicated for you to look stunning. Simple but well-maintained ones can give you the look that you need. Notice how Asap Rocky’s scalp is clearly visible.

6 Braided Man Bun

Braided man bun

A man bun is never a bad idea if your hairstyle involves braids. You can weave the braids at the back to form a man bun or you can form it by holding the braids with a ribbon. Leaving a few to hang freely is not a bad idea.

 7 Classic Asap Rocky Braids

Classic Asap Rocky braids

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