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Fashionable Women’s Haircut Trends for 2019

Among the female haircuts that will be fashionable in 2019, many girls will find well-known models. So what will really be in trend? We will try to answer this and other “girlish questions” about hair.


Creative and classic – that combines haircut square. It should be noted that the car can try on as girls with short hair, and owners of medium length. In any case, this haircut looks very impressive.

What will be the trend in 2019? The car has several varieties, among which there are several really fashionable female haircuts for short hair:



There is also the option of a square on the leg, but lately this haircut has gradually disappeared from the position of the leader in the top of the most fashionable.

Asymmetry – the choice of those who are tired of the dress code, strict business style, rules and frameworks. Traction to the creative and fashionable experiments – this is what guided the girls when choosing this haircut.

There are several variations of asymmetry. This is a smooth transition and a ragged effect. In such variations the following haircuts can be made:

As for the recommendations, the asymmetry is suitable for those who understand and feel the sporty style of clothing. In addition, these haircuts are well combined with youth style.

Among the fashionable women’s haircuts in 2019 for medium hair deserve special attention the following:

The cascade is what will always be in trend. It suits girls with medium length hair. At first glance it seems that the haircut is very simple, but it is not. Cascade brings to the image of lightness and some negligence, which is the basis for a romantic bow.

It should be noted that on hard and curly hair, this haircut is quite problematic. In addition, it will be difficult to maintain its original appearance. In this case, it is more logical to abandon the cascade in favor of something else.

For several seasons in a row, the elongated bob occupies a leading position in the top of the most popular haircuts. In combination with him, the shaved nape looks good. To make the haircut look neat, you have to take it as a rule to periodically work out this part of the head.

Those who are difficult to surprise with the shaven head are worth looking at the pictures. They are shaved not only on the back of the head. Experts in the field of hairdressing also recommend to pay attention to shaved whiskey.

Graduated square will suit those girls who could not choose between the cascade and the square. By the way, the square will appreciate the owners of thin hair. This haircut visually adds volume. It is enough to learn how to properly style your hair so that the square creates the effect of maximum volume.

There are several types of styling. Among them:

  1. laying smooth strands;
  2. waves;
  3. neatly disheveled hair with waves.

It is easy to make hair ideally equal, having used the iron. The main thing is not to forget a special tool that prevents drying of hair. Otherwise, after a few such styling, the hair will resemble last year’s straw.

Choosing a fashionable women’s haircut, in 2019 you should try on the following:

The cascade can be classic, ragged or asymmetric. It does not need special styling. To create a festive image, it is enough to give the hair volume. For example, it can be Hollywood curls.

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